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what is your emotional reaction to the concept of JOY? when you imagine the experience, are you stepping into it as yourself or imagining it as something that other people get to feel?

so many of us spend much more time on the neutral-to-negative end of the spectrum of human experience than we do feeling bliss, delight, radiance, or any of the many other joy-adjacent feelings of pleasure and happiness.

it can be hard to feel joy when you’re aware of the pain, hardship and injustice that exists around you. it can feel dismissive or disrespectful of that experience to have one that’s markedly better.

but who taught us this detachment and guilt, when the reality is that joy makes us brave, that bravery makes us radical, and that being radical is what heals this pain, hardship and injustice?

what happens when we realize that we *deserve* the freedom to be happy, and explore what it means to be happy on our own terms? i’d love to hear how YOU reconnect and nurture joy in yourself and others!

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