Holistic Nutrition

Why work with a nutritionist? Why a holistic one?

In wellness, holistic pretty much means “whole.” It means that many different systems in your body, as well as your environment, beliefs, emotions and experiences, may be informing what’s happening physiologically. Holistic wellness seeks to not only provide short term relief but also identify the root cause of a symptom or issue, allowing for long-term resolution.


Our bodies communicate with us constantly. The catch is that they don’t do it in English! Between not being tuned in to our bodies and not being literate in their mode of communication, we frequently either don’t notice that our bodies are asking for support or don’t know how to interpret the requests.

Add to that that no two bodies are alike–what a symptom means for one body may not be true for another, making it hard to resolve without identifying the root cause–and it can be hard to know what kind of practitioner to turn to when you are in physical or emotional discomfort.

I call what I do couples counseling for you and your bodyOur work together will be gathering information and clues about your body’s needs and building a tailored toolbox of resources for symptom relief and ongoing wellness.

Through a combination of personal coaching and prescriptive recommendations, I will educate you about and help you implement a protocol of lifestyle approachespractitioner-grade supplements, diet modifications and complementary modalities**.

**Holistic nutrition is meant to be used in conjunction with other modalities your body may require, like acupuncture, psychotherapy, chiropractic or naturopathic care. It is not an alternative to being under the care of a physician or psychiatrist.

Areas of specialty

  • allergies
  • sleep issues
  • digestive disorders
  • PMS and PMDD
  • headache/migraine
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • eating disorder recovery
  • managing chronic illness
  • start-up burnout
  • supporting gender-affirming transitions

Getting started

In advance of your Initial Appointment I will ask you to complete a set of intake forms, which I will need to review before our appointment. We will use our 2-hour appointment time to review your intake paperwork together, and talk about your symptoms, health concerns, and goals. I will ask LOTS of questions 🙂

In the few days after your appointment I will review my notes and re-review your paperwork, putting together the first stage of a personalized protocol. While there may be many things I that can help with your symptoms, our goal is sustainable long-term relief, so I will NOT make all of my recommendations at once, rather assessing how your symptoms respond to certain changes before making additional ones.


My protocols can only help you if they are followed, so if you have any concerns about any part of our protocol I ask that you bring them up so we can address them. Our shared goal is to find a sustainable way for you to feel well, consisting of both short-term modifications and long-term solutions. If things I recommend don’t feel doable or comfortable they won’t be effective, so make sure to keep me in the loop about what’s working and what’s not so we can make adjustments! 

To that end, I am available by email for complimentary clarification and support in between our sessions. Additionally, I can provide personalized services tailored to areas where you may need extra help, like guided shopping at the grocery store or farmers market, meal planning, and systems we can put in place to help with accountability. Regular follow-up appointments are 60-90 minutes.

Curious about or ready to explore working together? Pop over to the “Contact” tab to schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation!