Holistic Nutrition, Wellness and Cooking

In wellness, holistic pretty much means “whole.” It means that many different systems in your body, as well as your environment, beliefs, emotions and experiences, may be informing what’s happening physiologically. Holistic wellness seeks to not only provide short term relief but also identify the root causes of and contributors to  symptoms or issue, working toward long-term resolution.


Our bodies communicate with us constantly — the catch is that they don’t do it in English! Between not being tuned in to our bodies and not being literate in their mode of communication, we frequently either don’t notice that our bodies are asking for support or don’t know how to interpret the requests.

Add to that that no two bodies are alike — what a symptom means for one body may not be true for another, making it hard to resolve without an individualized approach — and figuring out what kind of practitioner or modality to turn to when you are in physical or emotional discomfort can be confusing.

As an integrative wellbeing practitioner, I offer a variety of services designed to holistically meet your wellness needs, whether you’re treating a chronic illness or need support with food & cooking overwhelm. Our work together will always be personalized, pairing my knowledge and experience with a four-part coaching approach:

  1. Accessing embodiment, developing awareness of and connection to your body
  2. Identifying your needs, getting in rapport with your body and learning to interpret its cues
  3. Creating goals and action plans, exploring sustainable solutions that are appropriate for the whole you, not just for your symptoms
  4. Helping you stay accountable, providing compassionate support as you practice using your new toolbox of skills and resources 


I call what I do couples counseling for you and your body. Our work together will involve gathering information & clues about your body’s needs and building a tailored toolbox of resources for symptom relief and ongoing wellbeing.


Through a combination of (trauma-informed) personal coaching and prescriptive recommendations, we will develop and implement a protocol including lifestyle modifications, supplements and/or herbs, and complementary modalities**.

**Holistic nutrition is meant to be used in conjunction with other modalities your body may require, like acupuncture, psychotherapy, chiropractic or naturopathic care. It is not an alternative to being under the care of a physician or psychiatrist.

Areas of specialty

  • allergies
  • sleep issues
  • digestive disorders
  • PMS and PMDD
  • headache & migraine
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • managing chronic illness
  • adrenal fatigue & burnout
  • eating disorder recovery
  • anti-diet education & implementation
  • supporting gender-affirming transitions


Do you need help feeling comfortable sourcing & cooking food that’s aligned with both your dietary needs and your values?


I offer guided shopping trips to the grocery store or farmers market, as well as cooking lessons & menu planning to help you build a skillset that will eliminate overwhelm in food shopping and boost your confidence in the kitchen. A coaching approach makes the process completely personalized to your needs and preferences.

  • Shop at the farmers market and grocery store with ease and confidence (and possibly enjoyment!)
  • Feel comfortable following a recipe, yet also have developed basic intuitive cooking skills that allow you to freestyle with ingredients you enjoy
  • Have options in place for when deciding what to eat feels overwhelming
  • Feel empowered by food possibilities rather than limited by restrictions
Curious about how a holistic wellness practice can help?
I work with clients in the LA area & remotely and welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your well-being needs.
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