In 2012, I was working as the Director of Operations at a Silicon Valley biotech start up. I was so passionate about our mission, and so dedicated to my work, that I had been paying very little attention to my quality of life–and after a few years, this tunnel vision had taken a toll on my health.

When start-up burnout turned out to be a stress-induced autoimmune condition, I began exploring how to work in a way that was both gratifying and sustainable — how could i work hard while practicing the self care my body now demanded? I started learning about alternative medicine to heal my body but found it just as profoundly transformative for my personal growth and professional direction.

I’ve been working in holistic wellness since 2013 and ultimately married my dual professional passions, offering remote and in-person nutrition and wellness services as well as business coaching and consulting for wellness (and wellness-adjacent) practitioners and small business owners.

After nearly a decade in the Bay Area I now call Los Angeles home. Outside of my work, I am passionate about personal growth, intersectionality, joyful movement, social justice, restorative yoga, comedy, cassette tapes and my community. You can find me at a farmers market, reading in coffee shops, cooking, watching too much tv, petting every dog and smiling at passersby.

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