shifting into autumn

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remember last month when i talked about tools for shifting perspective?

i used to love the reset of a new school year, so labor day weekend serves as a reminder of fresh starts, feeling hopeful & being present.

without the external structure of a return to school, i took a day trip to ojai this weekend to celebrate this intention.

the changing of seasons is a potent time of shift. you can tune into your senses to “see” with fresh eyes what’s already changing. is the light beginning to look different? does the air feel (or sound) more crisp? what about the color or texture of the plants & trees around you?

according to chinese medicine, autumn is a time not just of standard seasonal change but specifically of letting go. it is what our bodies & environment naturally do at this time of year, but can be a challenging or painful process. nurture yourself by tuning in & tending to your internal environment. there are many ways to do this; start by focusing on your breath, and look into working with a practitioner for support!

produce is always a beautiful way to nurture, experience & appreciate even a subtle changing of seasons. whether or not we feel the shift into autumn at the end of the month, our produce will!

if you’re a farmers market shopper, approach your next market trip with greater curiosity–visit stands you might not usually, becoming aware of what’s new for the season. deviate from your shopping list, even if just to look!

if you do most of your shopping at the grocery store, it can still be a great experiment to visit a farmers market. you can examine, touch & smell almost everything, and many things can be tasted as well–just ask for samples. definitely ask about anything that is unfamiliar; farmers market folks are so friendly, & eager to share their wealth of knowledge about their products.

it’s your turn to think about (& tell me!) what autumn means to you.
*what are you looking forward to as the season changes?
*is there a project that’s been waiting for a fresh start?
*what is something you’re ready to let go of?
*is there a favorite fall food that you’re excited to come back into season, or a new one you’re eager to try?

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