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one of the most powerful tools i can think of to change the course of someone’s journey of wellbeing is a shift in perspective.

you might have heard a practitioner refer to this as a “reframe,” and it can be anything that feels like clarity, a breakthrough, “aha,” a lightbulb moment, or even a metaphorical sigh of relief from your nervous system.

healing usually entails dozens or hundreds of these gradual perspective shifts, in addition to a few more major ones.

that means that healing isn’t quick, and it’s not linear. you might have to sit with discomfort –literally, dis-ease– longer than we think healing should take. but that also gives your system time to integrate a realization or change, which will make your healing journey sustainable!

so how do you access those perspective shifts? how do you invite opportunities for reframing into your experience?

getting present is a good start. moving your body through space, feeding yourself, taking a bath, reading, being in nature, meditating, cuddling–the possibilities of what will resonate with your system are endless.

for me a shift came this evening from watching a bird perched in the lemon tree outside my kitchen door, chirping for its buddy, while i roasted tomatoes for jam.

remember that different approaches work for different systems at different times, so don’t get discouraged if something that is considered tried-and-true (like making a cup of tea and listening to a favorite record) or has worked before doesn’t elicit a shift–it’s still really good self care, so keep doing it!

what *does* appear to make a difference is whether you have a “heart-centered” perspective– meaning, you open your heart as you expand your mind. without heart-centeredness, advises matt kahn, insights “can be food for the ego.”

stay tuned for PART TWO of this post, where i explore how to facilitate these perspective shifts.

in the meantime, tell me some of the things that have inspired you lately, shifted your perspective, or helped you drop into your body from your mind!

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