Building and managing a business, especially when you’re doing it on your own, can be overwhelming. Energy that could be invested in achieving your unique vision is often spent navigating the realities of owning a business; things like managing staff, balancing the books, or figuring out how to get more social media exposure are probably not the reason you built your company or practice.

Knowledge of logistical steps to be taken and milestones to be reached pairs with my ability to determine how to best support and motivate people, whether they are colleagues or clients. 

I can help you identify areas where you could benefit from support, develop strategies to move toward meeting your goals, and provide guidance and accountability for implementing changes–all while keeping you aligned with your values!

In addition to personal and professional goal setting, areas of expertise include:

Business Operations
– Holistic project management
– Fiscal support, from assessment to rehabilitation
– Implementation of new or improvement of existing systems

Human Resources
– Full life cycle recruiting
– Employee onboarding and training
– Management coaching
– People management
– Review of compensation structures

Sales and Marketing
-With a knowledge of alternative medicine modalities, concepts, and products, I can provide targeted sales and marketing guidance and help with social media content development & strategy

I work primarily with small business owners in wellness (or wellness-adjacent fields), offering sessions both remotely and in-person in the Los Angeles area.

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